# Creating traffic source

Open Sources tab, then press Create.

MaxBounty + Bing (video)

# Traffic source settings

  • Template. Check if tracker already have traffic source as a template.
  • Name. Traffic source name.
  • S2S postback. Read page Traffic Source Postback.
  • Send only statuses. Select the conversion statuses you want to send to the traffic source.
  • Taboola key. Read Taboola key
  • Parameters. Read Campaign Parameters

When changes the parameters in existed traffic source, opt-in Update in campaigns:

# Adding traffic source without template

Find documentation about available parameters and placeholders. Usually they look like [BID], [UID], [SITE], [AD].


  • Parameter Cost with value [BID].
  • Parameter external_id with value [UID].
  • Parameter site with value [SITE].
  • Parameter creative_id with value [AD].

# Setting up to campaign

Open campaign page, then choose Source.

# Taboola key

In the Taboola Key field, add the API key for decoding the CPC placeholder and tracking costs. Integration is available in version 10.1.


Note that getting an API key is not a quick process and may take up to 72 hours. So plan to obtain it before launching your advertising campaign. Send an email to support@taboola.com and request their assistance in obtaining the API key.


How to transfer parameters through Keitaro

See Passing parameters page.

How to set up Keitaro with Exoclick?

Read the blog article Keitaro + ExoClick

How to track the advertising costs?

If the ad network passes the cost of a click (bid), correct the "cost" parameter in the traffic source settings. For example, a network uses token . Then write it in the field Token.

Otherwise, use the function of manual updating of costs Campaign → Update costs.

How to track Google Adwords costs?

Adwords doesn't send clicks bids to Keitaro directly. You must update costs manually (Campaigns > Update Costs).

How to track Facebook costs?

See Facebook integration page.