# Settings page

To open Keitaro settings, press Maintenance > Settings:

# Currency

Setting the tracker's currency.


Changing the currency will not convert current statistics in the database.

# Enable campaign autosave

Save automatically campaign after changing any value in the form.

# Directory for local landing pages

The way to store files of the local landing pages on the server.

# Allow PHP in local landing pages

Allow uploading PHP scripts in local landing pages.

# Landing page timeout

Timeout for local landing pages.

# Enable tracking cookies

The tracker use cookies if set Yes. Does not use cookies of set No.

Disabling cookies is necessary to comply GDPR.

# S2S postback timeout

Timeout for S2S postback request.

# Dashboard accessible by IP

Set Yes to turn on opening Keitaro via IP address, for example,, No to turn off. You must allow access to Admin Dashboard at least for one added domain in access to Admin Dashboard section, or turn on Admin Dashboard accessible by IP setting. Or else you will lose an opportunity to log in to Keitaro tracker upon doing the recommended.

To restore Admin Dashboard accessible by IP Yes:

  1. Log in to server console

  2. Use bash script

kctl run cli-php system:set_setting dashboard_accessible_by_ip 1

# Ignore prefetch requests

Ignore PREFETCH request to the tracker.

# Use extra params

Additional 1-10 extra params.

# Global aliases for parameters

Global aliases for Campaign Parameters.

# Enable statistics

Enabling tracker's statistics.

# Statistics data retention

How much time to keep statistics. Set 0 to make unlimited.

# Audit log retention

How much time to keep the information of audit log. Set 0 to make unlimited.

# Expiration time for LP tokens

How much time the token or Offer URL is alive.

# Use UTC time in report API

  • If it's turned on, Admin API will return all the dates in UTC.
  • If it's turned off, Admin API will return all the dates in timezone provided by parameter timezone

# Archive retention

How much time to keep the deleted resource in Archive.