# Creating offers

# Main settings

# Name

The name of an offer.

# Affiliate network

Choose affiliate network to use all the necessary presets. You can add a new one.

# Redirect

The choice of a redirect which takes visitors to an offer. Read more on Redirects page.


The offer URL.


Placeholders are available here.

# Local offer

Local offer means that you may upload a webpage to the tracker.

# Additional settings

# Group

The choice of the group the offer belongs to.

# Countries

Use that field if offer limited to specific countries.

# Payout type

  • Cost per Action (CPA) – the revenue is added only after a postback is received.

  • Cost per Click (CPC) – the revenue is added immediately after a visitor is sent to an offer.

# Payout

You can set a fixed payout amount here or choose an Auto. If you use "Auto" the payout amount will be taken from an affiliate network postback. For example, if there's &payout=0.5&currency=usd in a received postback, $0.5 will be set for an offer.

# Rebills

Enable that option, if affiliate network can send additional payouts.

# Conversion cap

Set daily limit for conversions.

See Conversion Cap page.

# Notes

Additional notes for the offer.