# How integrations works

These are various methods of connecting a tracker to external websites using internal Keitaro scripts. The scripts transmit information to the tracker and execute Keitaro functions on external sites.

A few:

  • Tracking clicks and click characteristics from sites. Transmitting clicks' data to Keitaro.

  • Monitoring conversions from these sites using Keitaro tools, without the need for third-party tools.

  • Running most of Keitaro's available functions directly on the sites. For example, filtering traffic based on specified criteria, performing redirects, conducting split tests on content, and more.

Each script is designed for specific use cases. For instance, KClient PHP connects the tracker to multi-page sites. KClient JS is suitable for website builders, like Shopify, or Tilda. The JS-Advertising script displays your banners on the site, allows for splitting them, etc.

In essence, these scripts aim to connect Keitaro and its functions to your sites, while the traffic continues to go directly to your sites.

To check detailded descriptions of each script's functions, visit the corresponding page below.