# Conversion Cap

The conversion cap feature permits you to set a daily limit of conversions.

# Turning on Conversion Cap

  1. Open Offer settings
  2. Switch to Additional tab.
  3. Turn on Conversion cap.

  • Daily cap. The number of conversions per day.
  • Time zone You need to take into account that daily cap's limit in Keitaro resets upon a new day, based on the timezone selected from the Time zone field. To count conversions accurately, the daily cap timezone in Keitaro must be the same as the timezone set in the affiliate network.
  • Alternative offer. The offer to which the traffic must be sent after the daily conversion limit is exceeded. Any offer from the Offers section in the tracker is available. You don't have to add it to a campaign or a flow.

# Conversion Cap status

Conversion Cap is available in Offers section:

Description of capping counter colors :

  • Green color - if limit is achieved
  • Red color - if limit is exceeded
  • Blue color - if limit isn't achieved

# Conversion Cap FAQ

What will happen if the alternative offer reaches its daily limit too?

Keitaro will use the alternative offer of that offer.