# S2S postbacks

# Traffic source S2S postback

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# Adding S2S postback

Keitaro adds S2S postbacks automatically when you choose a traffic source, but you may also add additional S2S postbacks.

  1. Open the campaign page.
  2. Open S2S Postbacks tab.
  3. Press Add postback.
  • URL — set the address where to send a postback;
  • Status — choose the conversion status to send a postback.

# S2S postback FAQ

How to see the results of sent postbacks?

Open Maintenance → Logs → Sent postbacks.

How to send S2S postback to Telegram?
  1. Create a new bot on Telegram using @BotFather and a /newbot command.
  2. Add the name and save the token you receive.
  3. Open the chat with your new bot and write a message for it.
  4. To get the bot's ID to send messages, make a browser request with the following url:

Insert the bot's token from the step #2 instead of REPLACE.

  1. You'll get the ID from the message line in the response:
:{"message_id":X,"from":{"id": ID}}`

Take the ID.

  1. If everything is correct and you got the response, you may use the URL from step 4 as an S2S postback link in a campaign in Keitaro. For example: https://api.telegram.org/botREPLACE/sendMessage?chat_id=ID&text={campaign_name}:{status}:{conversion_revenue}

Where {campaign_name} is the campaign's name from Keitaro, {status} is for conversion status, and the {conversion_revenue} is for the conversion's payout sum.

Why does Keitaro send S2S postbacks with a delay?

It collects them in a queue, then send when the next cron job is running.