# Landing page: Preload

Use this landing type if the landing page is hosted somewhere else and you must avoid redirects.

# How it works

  1. Keitaro downloads the external webpage (without images and styles).
  2. Adds <base href="https://original_domain" /> to the HTML code. This is needed to make images and styles work.
  3. Applies placeholders.
  4. Returns the webpage to the browser.

# Creating landing page with preload method

Press Create and choose Preload

Use {offer} placeholder

<a href="{offer}">Offer</a>

To make a link to a specific offer, add &offer_id=ID. Example:

<a href="{offer}&offer_id=100">Offer 1</a>
<a href="{offer}&offer_id=200">Offer 2</a>

# Sending postback

  1. Set up JS Adapter.
  2. Set up postback code.