# Campaign parameters

Campaign parameters are used for creating Campaign URL and Reports.

  • Name. You can use default names like, "Sub ID 1", "Sub ID 2", or use your own names.
  • Parameters. The param must be added to Campaign URL.
  • Token or value. You can type static value, like EUR, or use a placeholders that the traffic source supports.

# List of parameters

The following parameters can be renamed:

  • keyword - keyword or search phrase.
  • ad_campaign_id — ID of the advertising campaign.
  • creative_id — may be Banner ID or AdSet ID.
  • external_id — some unique click ID from the traffic source.
  • source - site or publisher ID from the traffic source.
  • cost - cost of a click (option "Cost AUTO" must be checked in campaign's settings).
  • currency - currency of the cost.
  • sub_id_1..30 — additional parameters for generating reports.


All parameters are changed to the parameters of the corresponding source.

These parameters cannot be renamed

  • currency — currency of the cost.
  • charset — charset for value in parameter keyword.
  • se_referrer — referrer of a search engine. Pass this parameter to pull out the keyword from it.
  • se — search engine name. If se_referrer is passed, it is unnecessary to pass se.

# List of global aliases

Please read Settings Page.

# How to pass the incoming value of a placeholder to the URL of an offerer

Let's consider an example of passing the cost per click in the URL of an offerer to an affiliate network.

  1. In the second column of the campaign's parameters, specify the name of the placeholder in which the source sends the real value of the necessary placeholder. In this case, we can leave the default — cost.

  1. In the third column of campaign's parameters specify the placeholder, where the source sends real value

  1. In the URL of the offer, it is necessary to wrap the name of the placeholder from the second column in the placeholder as {cost} and send it in a suitable placeholder for the affiliate, or CRM. For example param1, that is param1={cost}

  1. If &cost=5 came from a source, then param1=5 will be passed to the affiliate link

This method of passing values also works for all other campaign's placeholders, including sub_id_1—30.

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