# Conversions

Conversions are target actions on offer. Offer owner (advertiser,affiliate network) assigns a payment to the partner for this actions. Main types and subtypes of conversions:

Lead: adding a product to cart, registering on the site, creating a personal account, subscribing to a resource. The essence of the lead is the client's first contact with the offer. Assignment of payment is optional, depends on the conditions of work with the offer. Sale: the fact of selling a product or service, deposit to an account, downloading an app. Assignment of payment is a neccesarily condition.

  • Upsell: the fact of selling additional unit of product or related products, additional deposit to the account.
  • Rejection: cancelling the order during operator's call, account deletion, trash orders, intentional sending of false orders.

The actions listed above are conversions, or rather conversion statuses. Statuses are not limited by those mentioned above and depend on the offer type.

One of the tracker's main functions is collecting, processing, and outputting conversions in reports. The tracker receives a signal about the fact of conversion using Postback.

# Conversions Report

The conversions report shows all recorded conversions in the tracker, including conversions to the same subid, but with different transaction_id. Open such a report from inside the campaign, through the additional menu (to the right of the Log button) and click Conversions:

Or through the main menu Reports → Conversions.

Report data creates, recorded, and renews by the rules of Postback processing

# 1. Filters

Set filters to select specific conversions. When multiple filters are added, the And value is set between the filters. The conversions that meet all the specified conditions at once are displayed.

Filters for displaying certain values in the report:

  • Equals. The strict compliance of the specified parameter in the report line is checked.
  • Not equal. The strict inequality of the specified parameter in the report line is checked.
  • In list. The ability to select multiple values in a list.
  • Not in list. Exclude several values from the list.

# 2. Time range

Selecting the time interval of the report

# 3. Columns

Selecting the main metrics that you want to display in the report.

# 4. Pagination

The number of report rows displayed on the page.

# 5. Export

Ability to export the report to CSV or HTML.

# How to change the sorting in a column

Click on the column name and the sorting will change.