# Setup domain

Parking a domain is essential for the correct operation of the tracker and certain functions. A domain in Keitaro is used in two cases:

  • For generating campaign links (in this case, one domain can be parked to several campaigns). For example, http://abc.com/cmp1 and http://abc.com/cmp2. It is turned on when creating a campaign in the Domain section.

  • For calling a campaign directly by addressing the domain without specifying an alias. In this case, one domain can be parked to one campaign. For example, http://domain.com will call the parked campaign. It is selected in the domain settings on Domains section — Index page — Choose a campaign.


The tracker automatically issues SSL certificate after parking the domain correctly. There is no need to purchase one additionally.

Use a clear domain for working with Keitaro: it is not allowed to use the same domain for both Keitaro and third—party software, hosting, etc. For more details, see the next section of the page.

# Purchasing and parking domain to Keitaro

Choose any preferred domain registrar. For example, namecheap.com. Mandatory: use new purchased or clear domains. Do not use the same domain for both Keitaro and any other software, hosting, or IP. The domain must be dedicated exclusively to the Keitaro tracker.

Full—step guide on purchasing a domain in Namecheap and park it in Keitaro (please, use English subtitles).


Starter license allows you to have only one domain.

# Purchasing and parking a domain from Namecheap

The detailed description on purchasing and parking a domain to Keitaro

Register at Namecheap and purchase a domain.

After the domain is registered, please check the DNS configuration for a domain. Add an A record. Remove any additional A or AAAA records, as well as any CNAME records.

Go to the Admin Dashboard and click Manage for your domain:

Choose Advanced DNS settings:

Add A—record:

  • Choose "A Record" in the first column;
  • @ for Host;
  • The Keitaro server IP as "Value" (available for viewing on the Domains tab in Keitaro tracker);
  • Select the lowest value for "TTL"


DNS servers of various internet providers update at different times. It means that your site may be accessible from one provider and inaccessible from another. Typically, DNS server updates take up to 24 hours. If your domain is not parked in the tracker within this time, please check the A—record settings with your registrar and ensure that your tracker version is up—to—date. Additionally, make sure that there are no DNS record issues here. If all settings are correct, the tracker version is current, and DNS records are displayed, please contact our support team.

# (Optionally) Enable IPv6 for domain**

For connecting a domain to a tracker, you need to add an AAAA—record with the IPv6 address of the server.

Important: an AAAA record can be added if IPv6 support is turned on. If it is turned off, do not add an AAAA record.

  1. Specify the correct IPv6 of your tracker server in DNS records managing panel:

  1. Add a domain to the tracker at the tab Domains — Add:

# Add domain in Keitaro**

  1. Open Domains tab
  2. Press Add button
  • Domain. Domain name or list of names separated by , (comma).
  • Group. Select a group, create a new one, or leave the section blank.
  • Crawlers. The displaying and promoting domains in Google search. If indexing is *Disabled*, when querying /robots.txt, the domain will show: disallow: /. File editing is not available.
  • Admin Dashboard. Functionality of the expert (Dashboard Protection): the ability to access the Tracker Admin Panel using the domain: domain.com/admin. If the access to the Admin Panel is restricted from all domains, you can access the tracker, using the link server_ip/admin. Access management to the tracker by IP is done in the section Maintenance — Settings. Important: the feature allows you to permit or restrict access. By default, without this functionality, the tracker can be accessed through any parked domain at domain.com/admin.
  • HTTPS-only. Forcefully redirects from http:// to https://.
  • Cloudflare proxy. Using Cloudflare domain managing system functions (including DNS and proxy).
  • Index page. Selecting a campaign to use as the index page for a domain. It allows the direct access to the domain without a campaign alias.
  • Intercept 404. Turn it on to redirect requests from non—existent URL (domain.com/not-existent-url) to domain.com.
  • Add more. The ability to add more domains, using the same form.


Additional setup for crawlers: we recommend to prevent the indexing of campaign links that include identifiers and parameters. Otherwise, bots may continuously attempt to index these campaign links, causing unwanted load on the tracker, potentially leading to DDoS attacks and traffic loss. We advise turning on the filtering to exclude unwanted bots through a separate flow.

# SSL certificate (HTTPS)

When DNS is refreshed and the domain is assigned to the server, the tracker automatically requests for SSL certificate. After issuing the certificate, the domain will work with HTTPS.

What are the limits for certificates issuing?

Letsencrypt service is a provider of the certificates. It has its limits of certificate quantity per time gap. See https://letsencrypt.org/docs/rate-limits/ page.

How to fix "Request limits exceeded"?

There can only be 5 unsuccessful tries to issue a certificate within an hour. The "Request limits exceeded" error will be shown after 5 tries. You need to wait for an hour to try issuing certificate again.

How to fix "Certificate issue is blocked"?

Make sure that DNS is configured, upgrade your server, delete the domain and add it to the tracker again.

# Adding subdomains

Edit domain DNS, add one more A—record, but use the subdomain name instead of @. Add the subdomain as a standard domain to Keitaro.

# Domains FAQ

Why is domain still unavailable?
  1. Check if A—record is present, whether it is assigned to the correct IP, and no more A—records are present.

  2. If AAAA—record is present, make sure that it is assigned to the correct IPv6 of the server.

Also, make sure that 24 hours have been passed since adding the domain. Additionally, note that if you do not see an IPv6 record in the Domains section of the tracker, then there is no need to add an AAAA record. Example of IPv6 address: 2001:db8::1:0:0:1.

Can I use a domain in postback?

Yes, you can specify any domain instead of the server IP, as long as the domain is parked in the tracker and has an OK status on it.

What to do if the domain is verification-hold.suspended-domain.com?

As for the checking on Misk you notice NS records as: ns1.verification-hold.suspended-domain.com ns2.verification-hold.suspended-domain.com

Meaning that the domain has been suspended, because the e—mail verification was not completed with the registrar. Please contact the support team of the registrar where you purchased the domain to resolve the issue.

How to check DNS?

Use dnschecker.org or via terminal.

Check for A—records:

dig A yourdomain.com +short

Check for AAAA—records:

dig AAAA yourdomain.com +short
What does it mean for working domain with non-working SSL?

Open domain's SSL log or via Maintenance → Logs → SSL Certificates for more details.

How to configure Cloudflare?

No changes are needed. Just add a domain to Cloudflare. Both Flexible and Full SSL modes are supported.