# Step 2: Installation

# Opening the terminal

Has Keitaro already been installed?

Skip that page, and go to Step 3: Setup.

  • (All) Most cloud providers offer a web terminal to connect to the server.
  • (Windows) Use Putty.
  • (macOS) Open Terminal app from Applications (⌘ + SPACE, then type Terminal).
  • (Linux) Open the terminal.
Terminal on macOS (video)

# Connecting to SSH

Log in to the server in your terminal:

ssh root@server_ip

When the terminal prompts you with ECDSA key fingerprint is..., type Y and press Enter.

Type the password.

Can't see the password?

If the password is not visible, do not worry, type it as usual. Press Enter.

# Running installation command

Copy and paste the following installation command to the terminal, and press Enter:

curl keitaro.io/kctl.sh | bash -s -- install

Wait for the installation command to finish, then open the control panel in your browser (http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/admin).

# Installation FAQ

How to get install.log?

The following commands allow you to obtain the install.log. There are several options to read the log:

Read in the terminal:

less /var/log/keitaro/install.log

Obtain only the installation result:

tail -n 1000 /var/log/keitaro/install.log